Enabling education with loans

As a lender, you directly help candidates accomplish their educational project. You can select the educational projects directly that most interest you from what we call a project list and therefore know who you are committing to. Your student loan and your trust encourage and convey confidence. You support a person’s potential and quite literally help them accomplish a promising career.

There are three models for you to choose from:

Individual Model
  • You select candidates based on your preferences
  • We finalize the loan agreement on your behalf
  • We conduct an annual review interview and inform you about the progress
Impact Loan Model
  • You provide more than 100 000 CHF in educational loans
  • We select candidates based on your preferences and finalize the loan agreement on your behalf
  • You receive an annual overview of your impact loan
Education Fund Model
  • You donate (tax deductible) to an appropriated fund or establish your personal fund at EDUCA SWISS with your preferences in regards to awarding loans
  • The fund allocates the available money repeatedly to suitable candidates
  • Bequest: In your will, you specify a fixed amount to be bequeathed to EDUCA SWISS.

Added value for lenders

When you invest in education through us, you achieve three things: your money directly helps someone to make their individual educational project a reality through a student loan. Not only do you invest in a socially responsible way, you also achieve an economic benefit. The trust instilled by granting a loan builds commitment and creates a significant improvement in the graduation rate.

And this is how it works

Interest rate

The interest rate for student loans arranged by EDUCA SWISS is agreed upon at a fixed rate between the candidate and the lender for the entire duration of the loan. However, the interest rate may not exceed the maximum interest rate set by EDUCA SWISS.

On average, our lenders charge an interest rate of 1.5%. Maximum allowed interest rate: 3.25% per year.


Melina becomes a teacher and needs a student loan of 16,000 CHF. This costs her CHF 27 per month, which she pays back to the lender along with the education loan only after she has successfully started her career. Her lender will receive a gross return of 6% in 3 years.

Annual contribution

With an annual contribution of 100 CHF you join the lender circle. You will regularly receive the project list and have the possibility to grant student loans.

Can we count on you?

  • We will happily send you more information about the loan brokerage process.
  • If you wish, we will gladly call you for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions.
EDUCA SWISS - Marina Bartetzko im InterviewEDUCA SWISS – Marina Bartetzko im Interview

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How can you support us?

There are different ways you can support education:

Student Loans

Invest directly in education and help shape a person’s biography. Schedule a meeting with us without any obligations. We look forward to getting to know you.


Would you like to get personally involved and advise financially disadvantaged people? We are looking for individuals with life experience who can serve as coaches and help us make education possible.


EDUCA SWISS has coached over 600 motivated people free of charge and thus helped them to help themselves. Support us on this path and donate opportunities!

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EDUCA SWISS is supported among others by


Matthias Aebischer

National Council Bern

«Education is a human right and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their social background or financial starting position. I am committed to this along with EDUCA SWISS Foundation.»

Matthias Michel

Matthias Michel

Council of States Zug

«I support EDUCA SWISS in its goal of ensuring that every ambitious person in Switzerland can complete an education or training program – regardless of their financial situation or social background.»

Sandra Locher Benguerel

Sandra Locher Benguerel

Former National Councillor, member of the LCH Executive Board, teacher

«Education is the key to a self-determined life and contributes to a strong and stable society. That’s why I support EDUCA SWISS in its goal to create fair opportunities.»

Professor Dr. Theo Wehner

Industrial Psychologist

Theo Wehner studied psychology and sociology, is now a visiting professor at the University of Bremen and professor emeritus at the Center for Organizational and Work Sciences at ETH Zurich University. As an expert, he works for leading foundations that finance education. His research focuses on the meaning of professional work and the act of becoming in today’s society. How do we learn through experience – especially in dealing with mistakes and failure? What is the nature of volunteer work? How do we define effective support and guidance for people in their professional development? These questions are highly relevant for the EDUCA SWISS’ work especially.

Peter F. Weibel

Expert on Business and Foundations

Peter F. Weibel studied business administration at the University of Zurich and spent many years in leading positions for leading companies in Switzerland, including as CEO of PwC from 1988 to 2003 and as a member of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group from 2004 to 2012. For 15 years now, Peter F. Weibel has committed professionally to education, social issues and culture. He was awarded the Medal of Honor of the City of Zurich for his services as long-time President of the Festivals. He contributed to the development of several foundations, including the Pestalozzi Foundation. Since 2012, he has presided over the Foundation of the University of Zurich. For EDUCA SWISS, Peter Weibel’s experience in professional governance, sustainable fundraising and especially in impact-oriented leadership is particularly valuable.