EDUCA SWISS’ Background

EDUCA SWISS was founded in Lucerne in 2015 by founders and foundation board members Monique Bär, Marco Billeter, Claude Siegenthaler and Monica Vögele. EDUCA SWISS is now an indispensable part of promoting education in Switzerland. Our candidates’ graduation rate is significantly higher than the Swiss average. Together with our lenders, coaches, donors, we create opportunities every day.

EDUCA SWISS’ endeavours are made possible by donations from private individuals and institutional donors. The foundation is subject to supervisions that are proper of Swiss foundations.

EDUCA SWISS is supported among others by

Sandra Locher Benguerel

Sandra Locher Benguerel

National Councillor Graubünden

«Education is the key to a self-determined life and contributes to a strong and stable society. That is why I support EDUCA SWISS in its aim to create fair opportunities.»


Matthias Aebischer

National Council Bern

«Education is a human right and should be accessible to all people, regardless of their social background or financial situation. Together with the EDUCA SWISS Foundation, I am committed to this cause.»

Matthias Michel

Matthias Michel

Council of States Zug

«I support EDUCA SWISS in its aim to ensure that every ambitious person in Switzerland can complete an education or further education – regardless of their financial situation or social background.»