Sponsoring partners

The following institutions contribute to EDUCA SWISS with funding:

Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Foundation

This foundation’s purpose is to support and promote social, cultural and other charitable works. Contributions are especially meant for the elderly and sick such as through private care or new elderly care arrangements, scholarships for students, support for research projects in all faculties of the University of Zurich, and support for institutions and individuals committed to the preservation and promotion of traditional culture and art.


arcas foundation

arcas supports projects that strengthen social cohesion, but also wishes to break new ground methodically, formally, and in terms of content in order to face current social challenges. Innovative forms of project funding are just as much a part of this as sustainable investment strategies for the foundation’s capital.

Ernst Göhner Foundation

The Ernst Göhner Foundation supports projects of recognised quality and visible potential; the projects make a sustainable impact, meet identified needs and have supra-regional significance. The Foundation is also involved in pioneering or experimental projects that respond to changes and new needs in society.

Mercator Foundation Switzerland

The Mercator Foundation Switzerland is committed to a cosmopolitan, engaged society that treats the environment responsibly and offers all young people the opportunity to develop their potential. To this end, it promotes and initiates projects in the four areas of education, understanding, participation and the environment.

Ria and Arthur Dietschweiler Foundation

The Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Foundation supports non-profit, pioneering projects in the fields of education, culture and social affairs. Particular attention is paid to experimental projects that are designed to bring about courageous and pioneering changes.

Sandoz Family Philanthropical Foundation

The family foundation promotes entrepreneurship and innovation to uphold Swiss entrepreneurial tradition. As a counterbalance, it also encourages creativity and private initiative. Through various companies and holding companies, the Family Foundation is directly or indirectly involved in the pharmaceutical industry and agribusiness, the hotel industry and the watchmaking industry. Their involvement is guided by the philosophy of technological innovation, sustainable development and the creation of new jobs.

Cooperation partners

The following institutions collaborate with EDUCA SWISS for direct educational support.

Fondation des Fondateurs

The independent and neutral Fondation des Fondateurs aims to make funding goals as easy as possible. Founded by a visionary couple in 2007, it now serves as the leading umbrella foundation in Switzerland for around 51 foundations. It is managed with proven philanthropic competence and is professionally committed to facilitating funding.

Fondation Gandur pour la Jeunesse

Based in Tannay (VD), the Fondation Gandur pour la Jeunesse aims to promote the development and social integration of children, adolescents and young adults who are dealing with hardship, are disadvantaged, have been uprooted or are suffering from a physical disability. To this end, it supports and promotes, with the help of donations, existing programmes developed by institutions or organisations pursuing the same goal.

Dora Foundation

The Dora Foundation supports children and young people with “special needs”, referring to any situation in which children or young people suffer from physical or mental illnesses, have learning difficulties or have difficult family circumstances.

The foundation’s support is primarily through action in the areas of research, prevention, education and treatment. These measures are aimed at children, their families and/or their environment, as well as the professionals who work with them.

Swiss Foundations

Founded in 2001 as a joint initiative of eleven Swiss grant-making foundations in Basel, SwissFoundations is today a membership organisation for grant-making foundations. SwissFoundations gives Switzerland’s charitable grant-making foundations a strong and independent voice. The association is committed to liberal political framework conditions and to a positive public perception of charitable grant-making foundations. It helps foundations network with one other and with other relevant stakeholders in politics, science, business and society, and provides them with practical support in their day-to-day work as a foundation.

Suyana Foundation

The Suyana Foundation has been supporting various organisations’ and institutions’ charitable projects in the social and educational sectors since 2009. The foundation also encourages and promotes private individuals’ education and training plans. They also support organisations and people with trendsetting ideas in when it comes to the counselling, care and nursing of people with dementia.

atDta – Foundation to Help People Help Themselves

This foundation’s purpose is “to promote holistic human development in Switzerland and abroad, to support creativity, team spirit, personal initiative, personality development and self-work; the foundation’s guiding principle is to help people to help themselves”.

The atDta Foundation arranges for selected applicants for educational grants to be guided by EDUCA SWISS and it sets aside a fund for educational loans to finance realisable projects. It also helps by coaching the favoured candidates.

Clara Mändle Foundation

The Clara Mändle Foundation helps young people obtain a good professional education, to access better further education and training for a profession, in cases where they do not have sufficient financial means to do so.

The Clara Mändle Foundation is a lender to EDUCA SWISS. The foundation has actively been promoting education for over 10 years; it advises and accompanies EDUCA SWISS in the further development of our offers and makes contributions to the society for the promotion of funding our coaching pool.

KUMA Foundation

The KUMA Foundation supports individuals, projects, initiatives and institutions in Switzerland and abroad in the areas of society, art and culture, education, health and other non-profit matters.

The KUMA Foundation establishes an earmarked fund at EDUCA SWISS for educational loans. It also assists in coaching the favoured candidates.

Gerbert Rüf Foundation

The Gebert Rüf Foundation was established by the entrepreneur Heinrich Gebert as a foundation of science and innovation. Its goal is to strengthen “Switzerland as an economic and living space”. As a private funding agency, it supports entrepreneurial and impact-driven projects in accordance with its motto “Move.Science “.

Rütli Foundation

The Rütli Foundation is a tax-exempt umbrella foundation established in Lucerne in 2000. It offers organisational and legal services to donors who wish to engage in charitable activities.