EDUCA SWISS is a Swiss foundation that promotes and finances education. We help motivated individuals to achieve their educational project, on the one hand by providing free assistance in the planning and budgeting of their professional education project, and on the other hand by arranging student loans at favourable interest rates.

EDUCA SWISS’ Vision and Commitment

We wish to create opportunities together because we are convinced that every person should be able to achieve their education project. Education not only strengthens the national economy, but also promotes a healthy society. Money in the form of a student loan creates a lasting impact, increases the graduation rate and can be used again after repayment. Our guiding principles are encouragement, commitment and professionalism.


Simon Merki

Managing Director

Christina Zöller

Executive Assistant

Imelda Beer

Imelda Beer

Volunteer Team Manager

Katharina Cuthbertson-Merki

Support for Candidates and Lenders

Ferdinand Pelzelmayer

Project Manager DreamTeam

Marie Hallmann

Marie Hallmann

Marketing Services & Communication

Abdul Axmed

Business Trainee

Foundation Board and Expert Council

In 2015, the Foundation Board founded EDUCA SWISS in Lucerne. The Expert Council provides professional support.

News and Events

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Our history

EDUCA SWISS has become an indispensable part of Swiss education. Learn more about our history.

EDUCA SWISS is supported among others by

Sandra Locher Benguerel

Sandra Locher Benguerel

National Councillor Graubünden

«Education is the key to a self-determined life and contributes to a strong and stable society. That is why I support EDUCA SWISS in its aim to create fair opportunities.»


Matthias Aebischer

National Council Bern

«Education is a human right and should be accessible to all people, regardless of their social background or financial situation. Together with the EDUCA SWISS Foundation, I am committed to this cause.»

Matthias Michel

Matthias Michel

Council of States Zug

«I support EDUCA SWISS in its aim to ensure that every ambitious person in Switzerland can complete an education or further education – regardless of their financial situation or social background.»