How much does a student loan cost at EDUCA SWISS?

Here you will find an overview of all fees and interest rates. As a foundation, we want to offer you the most affordable way to finance your education project with loans. There are no additional costs – we promise!

  • The coaching sessions to prepare your file for the loan are always free of charge.
  • You pay a fee to EDUCA SWISS that covers the costs for loan mediation and support until the completion of your educational project.
  • You pay interest to your lender for the loan.
CostsDue dateAmountNotes
Annual feeYearly60 CHFOnce you have completed your file and decide to take out a loan, you pay your first annual fee. You will pay this fee until you have fully repaid all loans.
Contract feeOne time per contract50 CHFYou pay this fee once every time you sign a loan agreement.
Contract support feeOne time per contract20 CHFThis fee covers our expenses to update your contract and other documents on a regular basis. This applies during the term of your contract. You will be charged at the end of the year.
Interest rateYearly0% – 3.25%The interest rate is fixed between your lender and you for the entire term. Our average interest rate is 1.5%. The interest rate may not exceed the maximum interest rate of 3.25% set by us.
Risk premium deathYearly0.075% of the loan amountThis contribution is for possible death. In case of death, half of the loan would be repaid by EDUCA SWISS to the lender.

Paying the first annual fee is a prerequisite for a loan to be awarded. At the beginning of each year, invoices are sent for the annual fee of the current year and fees from the previous year.

Here you can see a typical example of the costs. You can coordinate with your lender individually on the loan amount, term, interest rate, and repayment plan.

Loan: 12,000 CHF

Term: 4 years

Interest rate: 2.75%

Repayment plan: 12 monthly installments after your education is completed

Interest and compound interest1’574.70 CHF
Annual contribution from when the loan is awarded until repayment (5 years)300 CHF
Contract fee50 CHF
Contract support fee (5 years at CHF 20)100 CHF
Risk premium death (5 years at 0.075% of the loan amount)45 CHF
Total interest and fees2’069.70 CHF
Annual cost of the loan3.45%
Of which the annual contribution and fees are calculated0.85%

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